My Finances Pro v3.4.6.2 Apk

Android My Finances Pro v3.4.6.2 apk download. Now you can control your personal finances easily and efficiently. With the app'My Finance' you can experience how to easily organize and manage your expenses, saving time and getting more money to yourself, at the end of the month.You will have a very effective control of all your financial life. In this version you can add expenses, incomes, categories, besides other freatures. A category can be credit card (for instance), giving you the ability to know how much you are spendingwith it. You can assign certain expenses and gains so how much is left of that income for you. The app has charts to help you to see better the information, giving the ability to switch between expenses andcategories. The pro version is complete! There you can find all features of this version and more, like other types of graphics and unlimited resources.In the pro version you can sync your 'My Finance' Calendar with your Google Calendar. You can also be notified of overdue expenses both by application and by the selected schedule. You choose. Enjoy!

* The expenses added in the application can be sent to your Google Calendar.

* In addition to viewing the graph as categories and spending, you can do so with earnings and expenses as well. In addition there is a session preference for the exclusive graphics.

* Add as many records you want.

* Backup and restore complete.

* You can choose whether you want a gain is added to the total.

* You can manually enter the date of registration of an expense.

* You can enter values ​​directly calculated in the calculator field value of anexpense or income.

* If desired, the application will notify you so you do not forget to pay your expenses. This can also be done by the Google Calendar service.

* Much more!

Android 4.0 and up
Version: v3.4.6.2 Pro
Size: 6,8 MB

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